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Concept Art and Visual Development Mentorship with Joan Piqué Llorens

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Contact me for availability: joanpiquellorens@gmail.com


Greetings! I'm Joan Piqué Llorens. I am a freelance concept artist in the industry with more than ten years of experience covering clients from full-feature live-action films to videogames, animation and theme parks. I also teach concept art in three art academies in Barcelona and have mentored and taught hundreds of artists many of whom are already forging their own careers in the industry.

These mentorships are a natural way to extend my reach to those seeking for a more one-on-one experience that adapts to every situation, schedule and your level. Your personal situation will be analyzed, I will provide guidance and assignments that mimic real-world situations and we'll make your portfolio and skillset grow more professional and valuable to employers and clients.

The mentorships are available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

What can you expect?

We'll set up exercises with unique goals to your artistic situation. For one hour a week we'll meet on Skype or Discord and discuss the work you made during the previous week, you'll receive feedback and live over-painting on your images and set new tasks and projects geared towards the final goal you have in mind. Any doubts you have will be discussed and solved.

I can also advice you on how to build your career and give counsel on the many career choices you will need to make. I am going to provide you with a lengthy list of links, books, resources, portfolios and tutorials you can find support on during or after the mentorship. The main goal is that you depend on a mentor for as little as possible and teach you how you can teach yourself after a brief time with me.

Limited advice and feedback can also be provided outside the live sessions through mail or text within 24h depending on my availability and complexity of the problem.

Who is this for?

This is geared towards artists who want to build up and improve their concept art portfolio and skillset for a job in the industry or make a switch from illustration to concept art, or adapt their existing portfolio to a new job. Regardless of whether you're a student in an academy, self-taught or already a professional.

I can definitely teach you how to draw from scratch all the way up to tailoring your portfolio to a job at a studio, but it wouldn't be very cost-effective. Although I can go over the basics if needed I recommend that you have a grasp on art fundamentals before subscribing to my mentorships, since we will be working at a quick-pace and at a high-level to make the most of your time and money. Two great places to start are live drawing sessions for anatomy and to check out "How to Draw" by Scott Robertson and "Color and Light" by James Gurney, only two of the many books in the bibliography I use. Things like understanding basic perspective, anatomy, value, color and light knowledge should be enough to set you to make the most of this mentorship. You don't have to be perfect as we can polish and re-work some of the fundamentals.

Pricing and subscription.

1h per week is more than enough to have you working at top performance. Prices are 100€ per 1h-session. Discount subscription of 80€ per 1h-session for students staying for longer than 6 months or former students (Students of L’Idem Barcelona’s Animation Degree from 2014 to 2021, Seeway Barcelona (now LCI Barcelona) Concept Art Master classes 2016 to 2022, Escola Joso Barcelona Concept Art Master 2018-2020 and mentorship students older than 6 months). If you are eligible for this discount send me an email and I'll send you a personal discount code.

As life is weird and has its many turns, the Mentorship can be cancelled, suspended or postponed at any time with guaranteed full refund or reschedule of the unused classes.
Likewise, classes are guaranteed to be rescheduled or refunded with a prior 24h notice.

Please contact me before subscribing for a compromise-free video call greeting session in which we will discuss your situation, set up goals and methodology before you take the plunge. Gumroad only allows for monthly subscriptions, not individual classes format which I recommend.

Portfolio and contact info at:



Personalized weekly 1h 1-on-1 mentorships with personal advice and guidance on how to improve your art and career. Access to all my self-learning resources.

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€400 a month

Concept Art and Visual Development Mentorship with Joan Piqué Llorens

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